Ohio Oil and Gas Association Hall of Fame
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Ohio Oil and Gas Association Hall of Fame

The Ohio Oil and Gas Association Hall of Fame honors those who have made their own distinct contributions to the Ohio oil and gas industry. The Hall of Fame was established in 1987 and since then 137 honored veterans of our industry have been inducted into the Hall. The induction ceremony has been held once every four years since 1994. Honorees have come from many different levels and segments of our industry. 
The concept of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association Hall of Fame came as an idea from then Ohio Oil and Gas Association President Gene Brasel. In 1987, Brasel conveyed his ideas on honoring these industry veterans with the Political Action Committee.


Ohio Oil and Gas Association Hall of Fame Members

2018 Inductees

Jeffery J.A. Baker 
Joseph Haas
Gene Huck
Jerry James
Willian Kinney
Mark Lytle

Robert McVicker Jr.
Jack Miller
Bob Moss
Dan Pottmeyer
John B. Walker
Howard Wenger

Inducted – 2014

Fred A. Badertscher
Robert D. Barrick
Thomas P. Giusti
Steven L. Grose
James R. Halloran
Carl Heinrich

Dr. William Hlavin
Angela “Angie” Howard
Thomas E. Niehaus
Richard C. Poling
James R. Smail
Thomas E. Stewart

Inducted – 2010

Richard M. Cameron
Phillip J. Dever
James E. Diddle
John L. Forman
Vern Hill
Bruce Klink

Donald M. Levengood
Robert Moore
Larry Perkins
Sarah J. Tipka
Elmer Templeton
John Wigham

Inducted – 2006

W. Jonathan Airey
Loyd R. Baskin
Henry S. “Chic” Belden, IV
Nancy Chiles Dix
Bud Koch
Gene E. Mapes, Sr.

C. Rand “Randy” Michaels
Pursie E. Pipes
Leo A. Schrider
D. Eric Smith
Danny W. Thompson
David A. Waldron

Inducted – 2002

Leo Altier
Howard D. Atha
James O. Biehl
Phillip H. Brown
Charles E. Call
James H. Cameron J.
Richard Emens
Jack Fishburn
Jack B. Harnett
James E. Jasper

Alan W. Jones
Jerry D. Jordan
Harland F. Kinney
J.C. Morgan, II
Jerry C. Olds
Charles A. Orwig
R. Dean Smith
Robert A. Straker
John N. Teeple

Inducted – 1998

Wesley R. Baker
J.M. “Shady” Beatty
Marshall B. Belden, Sr.
David H. Bell
Dennis D. Blauser
G. N. “Jim” Brammer
Frank M. Dever
W. Kenneth Frost
Roy Galford
William W. Hortin
Wayne H. Hubbard
Jerald D. Huffman
Jay L. Hunt

Robert H. Hutcheson
Kirk A. Jordan
Carl J. Kinsey
H. C. “Henie” Lightner
Lester C. Lothes
Harold D. Miller
William L. Musselman
Clarence Obermiller
Graham R. Robb
Carl E. Smith
Don Vernau
Allen W. Yenne

Inducted – 1994

Alan A. Baker
Dow A. Bowman
R. Gene Brasel
Theodore A. DeBrosse
William F. Hill
Donald C. Hubbard
C. Robert Irvin

John C. Mason
Kenneth R. Miller
Jud Noble
Berman J. Shafer
Guy F. Sitler, Jr.
E. A. “Mike” Smith

Inducted – 1989

Charles E. Campbell
Edward N. Dean
Kenner “Jack” McConnell, Jr.
J. C. Morgan, I
James J. Morgan
W. H. Patten, Sr.

William R. Stewart
J. W. Straker
Herbert A. Titsch
Richard L. Vockel
V. J. Wilson
John C. Wright

Inducted – 1987

John F. Altier, Sr.
Harry Armstrong
W. B. “Red” Armstrong
Henry S. Belden, III
Charles H. Bell
Earl E. Bender
Carl Bowman
Frank A. B. Brendel, Sr.
Henry Cameron
Harold Coil
W. Guy Dugan
Don Ellis
Clyde Foraker, Sr.
Carl J. Hauck
Barton A. Holl
C. Frank Irvin

Kenneth M. Kew
John J. “Happy” Klise
Ira M. Korst
Richard C. McConnell
Earl Mossholder
Roy E. Proffitt Herman B. Rogovy
J. E. “Jake” Schaefer
G. R. Schoonmaker
David Shafer
George G. Shearrow
W. E. “Woody” Shrider
Fred A. Smith
George R. Stocker
B. R. “Bob” Straker
J. C. “Hack” Wilson

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