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OOGA Standing Committees

While the Ohio Oil and Gas Association has historically been governed by a board of directors and an executive committee for major policy initiatives facing the industry, over the past several years the Association has transitioned from this top-down approach to emerging issues, to form a committee structure for many of the challenges that face our industry.  These committees guide the Association’s policies and comments on both state and federal issues.   

OOGA offers a variety of ways for members to become involved and help drive policy through our committee structure. The organization boasts a number of standing committees and has formed temporary workgroups deemed necessary to tackle specific issues that arise and which don’t fall within the scope of our formal standing committees. The workgroups are comprised of members who hold select expertise to tackle speciality issues.

Members of our committees have an opportunity to weigh in on the Association’s response and actions through discussion and expertise shared within the committee. Committee’s input is valuable in writing and shaping comments submitted to state and federal agencies. Members are also encouraged to bring forward new issues they think may be of significance to the broader industry. At least one of these committees will surely appeal to our varied membership and we need your involvement to make them successful. 

To learn more about getting involved with OOGA committees contact Brian Hickman at bhickman@ooga.org

OOGA Committees:

- Technical Committee
- Environmental Committee
- Governmental Affairs Committee
- Midstream Committee
- Communications Committee
- Legal Committee
- Commerce Committee
- Producers Committee
- Regional Producers Committee
- Meetings Committee
- Exploration Committee
- PAC Committee
- Tax Committee
- Membership Committee
-Induced Seismicity Workgroup
-RUMA Workgroup

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