Oilfield Patriot Award
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Oilfield Patriot Award

In 2006, the Ohio Oil & Gas Association created the Oilfield Patriot Award to recognize one person in our industry who, by their service, has made significant contributions to protect, promote and advance the common interests of those engaged in all aspects of the Ohio crude oil and natural gas industry.

A person who does this is a patriot for their industry—and many would say that they are also a patriot for the ideals of their country. A patriot is someone who is committed to accomplishing goals that impact a group larger than themselves. A patriot is someone who will go the extra mile to defend our freedoms by being actively engaged in the process. A patriot is dedicated doing to the greatest good for the greatest number of people and is not afraid to blaze new trails and engage others to see their vision.

The Ohio Oil & Gas Association would like to thank Producers Service Corporation for their sponsorship of this prestigious industry award. Together we have been able to honor the following individuals by presenting them with the Oilfield Patriot Award:


Amanda Finn
Acscent Resources
Dan Pottmeyer
Producers Service Corp.
Doug & Frank Gonzalez
GonzOil, Inc.
Tom Stewart
Retired OOGA Executive Vice President
Jerry Olds
Solid Rock Energy, Inc.
William G. Batchelder
Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives
William Kinney
Summit Petroleum
Rhonda Reda
Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP)
Steven L. Grose
Concord Park Energy Development, LLC
David R. Hill
David R. Hill, Inc.
James R. Smail
J.R. Smail, Inc.
W. Jonathan Airey
Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease LLP
Sarah Tipka
A. W. Tipka Oil & Gas, Inc
Jerry James
James Engineering, Inc. / Artex Oil Company
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